Julian J. Jones | Music

Julian started making music when he was little banging on the old piano his mom bought. Then got into music production while in college after learning about Propellerheads Reason 2.5. Couldn't afford the full version, but came across Audio Hijack which gave him 10 minutes to record before adding noise, Propellerheads Reason allowed 20 minutes of music making but no saving. So without a keyboard, Julian started making music that was very progressive, and up to 10 minutes long, since he had 10 minutes to create a song, and 10 minutes to record it. Time passed and he was able to save for a keyboard and the full version of Reason, and that's when his music style began to mature. Taking cue from DJ Magic Mike, Techmaster P.E.B., Knights of Bass and many others, he started with making his own bass music, and then going into other genres until he heard of Mark Farina. House music became his passion after this girl in college gave him a cd of mark farina. 

During his music making phase, he experimented with mixing his own music, by using two computers and a mixer, running reason software on both computers at the same time. And in 2008 he competed in the DJ Olympics at the Rev Room. This is when he met michael lang, DJ Chameleon, who won the competition respectively. After noticing similar styles and interest and future progression goals of wanting to create an environment of purely house music, he and dj chameleon have started AR:HOUSE, arkansas house music group. From then on both have thrown ar:house shows from EJ's the first show, to clubs and restaurants like Union Bistro and Rumba Restaurant, as well as bringing the night time music vibes to the streets in the daylight during Marathons and Social Events like The Hot Springs 5K/10K, The Little Rock Marathon and the Race for the Cure. Julian has played at Rev Room, Rumba, Sticky Fingerz, The Village, Pulse, Discovery Night Club, Reno's, EJ's, Cornerstone Pub, Starving Artist Cafe, Midtown Billards, Union Bistro, Plan B in Conway, Sway, Mugs Cafe, Crush Wine Bar, Urban Pad, The Hangar in Jacksonville, and on a trolley car (a dj's first) and many other places in and around Little Rock, Arkansas.


Rocktown SPL is the product of Julian Jones aka DJ KING JULIAN: (ar:house founder) 
multi-talented: photographer, visual artist, electronic musician, dj. In particular, Rocktown SPL is the alter ego of Julian J. Jones, with original music geared towards car audio / SPL enthusiasts looking for a deeper southern bass sound without all the commercialized hype that can be heard in other music. This brand has originated out of Little Rock, Arkansas.